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The Gut Centre

Congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your gut health and overall quality of life. At the Gut Centre, we are psychologists and hypnotherapists who are the first and leading experts to provide mind and gut psychological treatment in Australia. We look forward to the opportunity of helping you reduce your gut symptoms and increasing your feeling of health and wellbeing.

We provide the latest researched evidence-based treatment for IBS and a wide range of other gastrointestinal disorders. We treat adults, adolescents and children as young as young as 4 years old. We are currently able to offer online appointments to all patients AUSTRALIA WIDE (via Zoom) with medicare and private health rebates available.

With a specific commitment in treating children, we utilise a collaborative approach where we liaise with parents, GP’s, paediatricians, gastroenterologists and school counsellors to provide your child with the highest level of multi-disciplinary and professional expertise. We have a dedicated child psychologist on our team, along with other psychologists who consult to both adults and children. There is nothing worse that seeing our kids experience the stress, discomfort and often school absenteeism that gut symptoms can cause, so we are completely committed to assisting your little one to improve their gut health conditions and ultimately, get the spring back into their step!

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Why Book with Psychologists at The Gut Centre

1. Our clinic has the most experience and expertise in treating Brain-Gut Disorders Australia wide, with a team of highly trained GI Psychologists.

We are the leaders in our field and the pioneers in brain-gut psychology in Australia and have been successfully treating gastrointestinal disorders for over 12 years, since 2009. Our Director and Founder, Dr Kantidakis, clinical psychologist, is well renowned and respected in our industry as being the leader in his field having the most clinical psychology consulting experience in Australia, in both GI psychology and gut-directed hypnotherapy.

2. We are the largest team of GI Psychologists in Australia with consulting rooms in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We offer appointments both In person and ONLINE (via Zoom) AUSTRALIA WIDE and INTERNATIONALLY. We also offer Saturday and after hours appointments.

3. We treat multiple GI conditions, not just IBS, IBD and Coeliac Disease.

We not only treat general IBS, IBD and Coeliac Disease, we also treat a large range of disorders of the GI tract thanks to the extensive training our psychologists receive in a wide breadth of GI conditions provided by Dr Jim Kantidakis. See our ‘Gut Disorders’ page for all the GI conditions we treat.

4. Gut Centre Psychologists undertake professionally certified hypnotherapy training.

Our team are the only psychologists in this field (GI) in Australia who are required to undertake a professionally certified Hypnotherapy training course from a registered training organisation, in order to provide the highest quality of gut-directed hypnotherapy to our patients. And the only psychologists to also receive gut-specific psychological training from a GI expert with clinical post-graduate, psychology qualifications, Dr Jim Kantidakis. Also important to note that Gut Centre Psychologists are not only provided initial training but also have ongoing supervision, training and support in treating gastrointestinal disorders.

5. We achieve great outcomes for our patients

Our results speak for themselves. Clinical research supports 70-80% improvements to gut symptoms, whilst at The Gut Centre 80% of our patients obtain successful treatment outcomes which reduce their symptom severity and increase their overall quality of life.

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