Gut Disorders

In order to understand what is occurring when the gut’s functioning goes wrong, its important to know how it normally works. The Normal Digestive Functioning tab explains this to you in detail, but not too much detail that you will get bored and switch off. It will have a link for those who are interested in knowing more.

The following tabs under ‘Gut Disorders’ will explain the brain gut connection, so that we have a better understanding of how they interact and influence each other. It is truly amazing. I’m always fascinated by the guts own inner intelligence.

And finally the tab ‘Functional Gut Disorders’ will explain what IBS is and some of the other functional gut disorders. This will be followed by the sub-menu ‘Causes’ which will list some of the suggested causes (remember there is no exact known cause yet). We will then be exploring how stress affect the gut under the ‘Stress and the Gut’ sub-menu.

Gut Centre Fact Sheet 2016