Please contact The Gut Centre regarding appropriate Fees (for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane).

Tel: 1300 488 287 or via Email [email protected]

Reception is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Medicare and Private Health Rebates available.

Online TeleHealth appointments are also available.

Medicare Rebates


Some patients may be eligible for a Medicare rebate under the Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) (providing $86.15 rebate per session with a consultant psychologist or $126.50 with a clinical psychologist) which provides you with 10 sessions in a calendar year.

Alternatively, the Chronic Disease Management Plan, previously known as the Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) ($53.80 rebate per session with either a consultant psychologist or clinical psychologist) which provides a total of 5 sessions per year.

There is also an Eating Disorder Plan (EDP) which entitles you to 40 rebatable sessions per calendar year as per the above rebate amounts per session. You will need to consult with you G.P to see if you are eligible for any of these plans.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

You may be eligible for a rebate with your Private Health Insurance under extras that include seeing a Psychologist or Hypnotherapist. You will need to inquire with your insurance company to be certain.